Managed Anti-Spam

Managed Anti-Spam service to protect and secure your existing email system

80% of all e-mail traffic is Spam and the easiest route for virus delivery to the desktop is email

Our managed service will filter out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your business network. By routing inbound email through our data centers, robust security policies can keep your organisation secure and compliant.

  • Stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service (DoS), directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other attacks
  • Ensure no delays, message loss or disruptions to email service with our real-time, pass-through architecture
  • Create content-based policies for inbound traffic
  • Guarantee email arrives even if your email servers go down with spooling
  • Encrypt domain-to-domain messaging using standard SSL or TLS protocols
  • Enable directory synchronization with your LDAP user data to ensure new users are automatically provisioned
  • 99.999% availability for message processing and capacity to handle millions of transactions a day