Harness More Value From Technology for Profit – What to Look For

Currently, in the UK, we are in a challenging time economically. This means the pressure is on for SMEs to find new, innovative ways to reduce costs and increase revenue in order to remain competitive. For any businesses looking to make some savings on their technology, performing a tech strategy review can really help. Technology changes fast and reviewing it can reveal that much more efficient and cost effective versions might be available granting you an easy way to save money and increase profit margin.

There are some common qualities shared by the most profit friendly I.T solutions that you should look out for. Here are some of the most important ones:


In recent years cloud computing has taken over businesses and has allowed for the infrastructure you once had to manage to be managed by a cloud service provider. This gives you access to more resources and is more cost efficient.

Remote capabilities

Having a lot of your company on cloud services not only makes sure that you don’t lose any work if hardware breaks but it also means you can access it from almost anywhere with an internet connection. You may be wondering how remote capabilities could save you money? The ability to work remotely can save money on everything, commuting costs, hardware costs, office space, utility bills for that office space and more. All if you do want to have an office space still it can be significantly more affordable as instead of having a desk setup up for every member of your team, you could just have a few hot desks instead.

Little to no physical infrastructure needed

Infrastructure in I.T is becoming obsolete. Cloud hosted services and VoIP solutions and the ability to develop custom apps perfectly suited to your business, reinventing your businesses I.T is no longer dependent on physical hardware or money. Having a cloud service provider means that the cost for the maintenance of the hardware falls onto the service provider and not you.


Many cloud services provide software tools that allow you to automate the time consuming menial tasks like accounting, time keeping, payroll and recruitment. This frees up members of your team to complete the more important tasks and therefore increase the overall yield of your business.


The GDPR requires any data handlers, i.e. cloud service providers, to have effective security in place to ensure that the personal data they are storing is secure. With data breaches also costing UK firms on average £1200, it is very important to make sure you have effective security in place as it will end up saving you the money it costs to deal with data breaches or cyber attacks.

We’re 4TC Managed IT Services

4TC can support you with all the services you need to run your business effectively, from email and domain hosting to fully managing your whole IT infrastructure.

Setting up a great IT infrastructure is just the first step.  Keeping it up to date, safe and performing at its peak requires consistent attention.

So we can act as either your IT department or to supplement an existing IT department. We pride ourselves in developing long term relationships that add value to your business with high quality managed support, expert strategic advice, and professional project management.