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Is Your IT Support What It Should Be? – Things to Look Out For

In the previous article, we looked at the modern office and came to the conclusion that technology has radically changed both our work environments and our personal lives. We also came to the conclusion that simply purchasing technology is insufficient, as you must choose technology that is strategically suited to how you and your team operate. Furthermore, you need to make confident that the tech’s support is of the top calibre.

The duties of your support provider are far more varied than they used to be, and IT assistance is no longer just support.

We’ll highlight a few things to watch out for while you browse the websites of possible providers later on in this post.

Proactivity not reactivity

If your supplier is not proactive, you have little possibility of using the most recent technology. If the tools you are utilising right now aren’t assisting in the expansion of your company, you shouldn’t be forced to keep using them. Proactivity can be revolutionary for the progress of your organisation, as well as from a monitoring perspective. Please don’t be misled — just because an IT company advertises 24/7 monitoring on their website doesn’t indicate that they are proactive. Being proactive takes time. The service provider who will best serve your needs will get to know you, your staff, and what makes your company go. Look at the pledges businesses make when you browse the websites of potential providers; if you’re not sure if they offer this consultancy as part of their SLA, contact them and ask.

Remote support

In the contemporary environment, remote help ought to be taken seriously. Traditionally, you would phone your provider to report a problem, and they would attempt to explain it to you and, if necessary, send a professional to your location to attempt a physical fix. This is no longer essential because many service providers now employ software that enables you to submit a request, which is quickly followed by a professional entering your system – provided you permit them access through a remote session – and resolving the issue remotely. Hopefully, doing so will enable you to learn what to do if the issue recurs.


Finding a service with experience and expertise working with businesses in your industry area is the most obvious recommendation. Consider this: Can someone give you the finest advice on what to adopt in your company if they have no experience operating a profitable enterprise in your industry?

Strategic Partnership

Watch out for references to a strategic collaboration, a tailored strategy, or strategic alignment; all have the same meaning and, if made, are positive indicators. It is up to your supplier to make the effort to forge a strategic partnership with you; this is made possible via a combination of initiative and knowledge. Your provider should approach you with an IT strategy that is future-proof and uses the capabilities of current technology. Everything should be geared toward maximising efficiency so that you, your team, and eventually your organisation can continue to advance. As a result, there are a lot of things to check out on a potential provider’s website. These articles should make it clear to you what is expected of an IT team today and how, with the correct assistance, technology may actually work in your favour. This can be difficult, so if you still need clarification or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need to change IT Support provider?

If you are unsure about any of these areas then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experts here at 4TC can help you with your IT Support or any other technical queries.