You must have realised by now that your business needs specialised IT support. The evolving threat of cyber attacks is a growing concern for businesses in countries like the UK, with an average data breach costing £3.4 million.

But with proper security measures, businesses are also reducing data breach costs by £1.6 million annually. You can get closer to that figure by outsourcing your IT support to proven experts like us.

In this article, we will explore 5 benefits (as professed by our clients) of outsourcing IT tasks to cyber security experts.

Keeping Pace with the Evolving Threat

Gone are the days of cyber crime being a hobby for tech-savvy teenagers. Today, it’s a multi-trillion-dollar industry fuelled by financial gain. A report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that global cyber crime costs will reach a staggering £10 trillion annually by 2025. This immense potential reward incentivises hackers to develop sophisticated attack methods continuously.

In other words, hackers are always one step ahead of the existing cyber security norms. To truly protect your IT infrastructure, you need experts who keep pace with the bad guys.

An in-house IT person, while valuable, may not have the specialised knowledge and experience needed to combat sophisticated cyber attacks effectively. However, specialised IT teams often have R&D investments where they learn of the evolving threats and come up with tactics to thwart them.

A Sharper Eye for Vulnerabilities

A cyber security expert can conduct a thorough assessment of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and potential security weaknesses. This includes evaluating network configurations, software systems, and employee practices to pinpoint areas of risk.

By understanding your specific security challenges, a cyber security expert can develop tailored strategies to mitigate threats and strengthen your IT defences.

Moreover, experts employ specialised tools to which they have agency subscription access. Specialised software tools can scan IT systems for known security weaknesses based on extensive databases of vulnerabilities. Moreover, you can avail yourself lower prices on those tools than if you were to purchase them yourself.

Additionally, IT experts possess strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. They can analyse complex security logs, network traffic, and system configurations to identify anomalies and potential security incidents. This ability allows them to connect seemingly unrelated dots and uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Cost Savings

Building an in-house team with expertise in all aspects of cyber security is often impractical for most businesses, including SMBs. Outsourcing allows you to fill this gap.

Cyber security is an umbrella term, and there are various subdomains under it. This includes penetration testing, security engineering, Identity and Access Management (IAM), cyber forensics, cryptography, etc.

By outsourcing managed IT services, you can leverage the knowledge and experience of a team specialising in various cyber security domains, offering a broader range of expertise than you could potentially maintain in-house.

It’s also important to note that cyber security experts are in high demand, and there’s a labour shortage. The average salary of cyber experts runs in the £100,000 yearly range. Multiply that by the number of experts you want on your team.

But with IT outsourcing, you only get to pay per hour, which drastically reduces costs.

Focus on Core Business

Running a business requires juggling dozens of concurrent tasks. And managing cyber security operations can add half a dozen more.

As Frederik Rikken, Partner at Bain & Company, puts it, “In today’s world, it’s not about doing everything yourself. It’s about doing what you do best and finding partners who do everything else well.”

By outsourcing IT support, you can truly focus on what matters most to you: taking care of your customers. Whether you’re selling to businesses or to end consumers, managing IT operations can feel like an uphill battle.

By freeing up valuable resources and gaining access to specialised security knowledge, you can enhance your business efficiency. You can focus on your core mission and build a more secure and successful future for your company.

Peace of Mind

Do you know the biggest benefit some of our clients claim to outsourcing? It’s peace of mind. Running a business often takes a toll on them. And when a “red flag” shows up on their screen, they often get intimidated.

Cyber attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Outsourcing IT security ensures that your systems are monitored around the clock by a team of security professionals. This 24/7 vigilance allows you to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your business is protected even when you’re not actively managing your IT infrastructure.

So, are you all ready to outsource your IT support to experts? Contact us for further advice.